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Nov 29, 2013 4:30am EST
air defense zone that the u.s., south korea and japan all sent planes through this week. as tara mergener reports it doesn't appear china wants to fight but is seeking to mark its territory. >> reporter: china's news agency says fighter jets and early warning aircraft patrolled this newly claimed air defense zone over the east china sea. the chinese air force spokesman says it is a defensive measure after south korea, japan and the u.s. flew through the zone without warning. beijing is demanding all aircraft identify themselves before entering the space. >> how do you enforce it? what are you going to do shoot something down if they -- somebody down if they don't report? then shooting down their plane is clearly an act of war. >> reporter: but analysts say there was no indication china will use force to defend the area. last week beijing announced new air defense zones. and overlaps an area of japan already says is theirs. despite the tension, the u.s. navy went ahead with its military exercises with japan near the contested area. the u.s. military says this week's drills are not
Nov 25, 2013 4:30am EST
with a different kind of emotion. anger on behalf of these letter carriers who tell us tonight their higher ups within the u.s. postal service were negligent in keeping them safe and they say tyson barnette's killing is an example of how dangerous their job is. >> anybody can walk up to you. it's terrible. we're doing it too much. he's gone. >> the blood is on the hands of calvin williams, the district manager. >> reporter: kenneth lurch is with with the union that represents mail carriers and is pointing his finger at the higher ups in the u.s. postal service. they failed to heed the warnings. >> he's been made aware hundreds of times from the union, myself personally that somebody was going to get seriously injured or killed. >> reporter: upper management did not show up to the vigil but did announce an additional award up to $100,000 for any information leading to the arrest of whoever did this. >> people should remember him as a very hard working, very respectful young man. >> afen. >> reporter: in landover, ken molestina, wusa-- >> amen. >> reporter: in landover, ken molestina, wusa9. >>>
Nov 22, 2013 4:30am EST
. >> if you don't leave we'll send you to jail. eventually they realized this guy is not listening to us. he's saying the f word. i will say they were very calm about it. just as i would expect professional police officers to be. but it escalated to the point when he started swearing he wasn't going to leave, that they were going to force him out. >> there were two guys at first. ethan was a big guy. when they got him out of his seat, that's when the third guy started helping them. >> reporter: they moved him around the bend. >> there is a point, okay, something's happened now because he's no longer struggling, ug no longer hear him whimpering, he's passed out or something. >> poambulances came. the movie eventually started. then this. >> they came back and said it opportunitied into a death investigation. we need everybody to take a statement. >> if this person hadn't been someone with down syndrome, what they did seemed to be completely appropriate and very professional. the only thing that we really had a problem with was some of the -- someone with down syndrome, seems like they need dif
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3